Synergy Parkside Dental Centre
Goldsworth Park Health Centre
Woking GU21 3LQ


NHS Fees

Fees (£)

Band 1 - £23.80

Covers an examination, diagnosis and advice. If necessary, it also includes X-rays,
a scale and polish and planning for further treatment.


Band 2 - £65.20

Covers all treatment covered by Band 1, plus additional treatment, such as fillings,
root canal treatment and removing teeth (extractions).


Band 3 - £282.80

Covers all treatment covered by Bands 1 and 2, plus more complex procedures, such as crowns,
dentures and bridges.



Private Fees

Routine Treatments Price

New patient exam


Routine examination


Hygiene Session


Panoral (OPG xray)


Small Radiograph


Referral letter


Treatments Prices starting from*
Fillings & Extractions

Root filling single canal

From £250

Root filling premolar

From £300

Root filling molar

From £400

Amalgam fillings

From £90

Composite fillings

From £120

Simple extraction

From £120

Surgical extraction

From £250


Private full single arch

From £620

Private full upper and lower

From £1,100

Cobalt Chrome (metal)

From £850 p/arch

Flexible denture from

From £650 p/arch


From £110

Addition of  tooth

From £97.85


From £66.95

Advanced restorations

Full Metal crown

From £380

Porcelain bonded crown

From £495

Opalite zirconium crown

From £595

E-Max crown

From £595

Post crown

From £90 per post

Porcelain bonded bridgework

From £495 per unit

Zirconium bridgework

From £595 per unit

E-max bridgework

From £595 per unit

Metal maryland

From £520

E-Max wing

From £650

Independent porcelain veneer

From £480

Single tooth E-max porcelain veneer From £595

Composite onlay/inlay

From £400

Ceramic onlay/inlay

From £595

Gold onlay

From £650


Dental implant treatment planning

From £330

Dental Implant placement

From £1,400

Bone augmentation

From £460

Internal Sinus lift

From £475

Screw retained Implant temporary

From £290

Implant Bridge

From £9000

Screw retained E-Max crown

From £900

Implant-screw Retained Denture

From £6000


Invisalign ('invisible' braces)

From £1500

Fixed Retainer From £180 per arch £300 both arches

"Botox" globellar or forehead

From £220

"Botox" globellar and forehead and eyes

From £375

Juvaderm II Filler  (per tube)

From £240

Simple home tooth whitening

From £395

Moderate home tooth whitening From £495
Complex home tooth whitening From £595

Whitening gel

From £110 per box of 4


Single colour gumshield lightweight

From £120

Night Guard From £135

Heavy Duty Night Guard

From £150

Anti Snoring Device From £550
(Referral Only)
Periodontal treatment (referral only) From £150 p/hr

This list is of our major items only, and their associated prices.

*These prices may vary to suit individual needs and you will be advised if this is so prior to starting your treatment.


We only use UK based Dental laboratories, which are in line with UK legislation and health standards.


Finance options

  • We offer interest free and low cost payment plans so that you can spread the cost more easily. Please ask a member of our team for more details.